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"I can't imagine where I would be today if it were not having participated in Pilates with Joann over the last twenty months. I came to Joann and Classic Pilates immediately after suffering a stroke looking for something that might help me get my core strengthened. She and her staff are both knowledgeable and professional. They are continuously growing their overall knowledge of Pilates to better serve their clients It truly demonstrates their passion for what they do. What I didn't expect is what it has done for the overall strength and balance of my left leg. I contacted Polio in 1954 when I was six months old, which left my left leg below my thigh with close to total muscle atrophy, a 1/8 of an inch difference in length compared to my right legs and a two size difference between my left and right foot. Although I had expected to gain strength in my core, I had no expectations of what it might do for my left leg. I am astounded with seeing muscle development as well as leg coordination that I have never had my entire life. Although they will never be the same, just the fact that there is some improvement thrills me. I was in Ireland this past summer and had the opportunity to climb over 600 steps up Skellig Michael with my daughter. Something I would never have been able to do before I began doing Pilates. It is a memory that I would never would have had and one I will forever cherish. Thank you Joann! I will always be indebted to you.”

Jerry Walker

"I have tried all kinds of fitness classes, cardio and weight training since I was 30 but never found anything I really enjoyed – I am not naturally athletic. In the summer of 2009 I had recently moved to Dallas and joined a gym at Cityplace where I met Joann and started Pilates mat classes. She made everybody feel confident and ready to stretch physically. In 2010, I decided to invest my entire IRS refund in private sessions with equipment to have a new challenge. Now it no longer feels like a luxury but a necessity! I have never been stronger and enjoy the different workouts I get between mat classes and equipment. Joann and all her instructors are incredibly talented and motivating. I tell everybody that even though it can be hard for me to find the time to go 3 or 4 times a week, with a rather stressful and time consuming job, I am never ever sorry to have taken the time for myself. Classic Pilates Dallas is a lifesaver!"

Misty Pederson

“One of the best pilates studios in the metroplex. Great sequencing and excellent cueing and alignment principles used”

Classpass student, Equipment – Open Level

"Pilates has increased my mind-body awareness, strengthened my core and improved my back pain after surgery. Not only has Pilates strengthened and toned my core, but noticeably improved my posture and flexibility of my spine. Classic Pilates is a place where I can become re-centered physically, as well as mentally”

Classpass student