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POWER PILATES As the industry’s recognized classical leader, Power Pilates trained instructors are sought after at studios and fitness facilities worldwide. By choosing to become Power Pilates educated, our students join a global community of passionate and dedicated professionals stretching from the United States to South America, and from Europe to the Far East. Combined with an emphasis on the “Art of Teaching,” we provide our students with a profound learning experience and the strongest preparation for a career in Pilates.

Veronica Combs, Regional Director of Power Pilates in Texas, Kandace Lopez, and Stormi Truesdell are part of an international network of teacher trainers who certify and educate Pilates instructors for Power Pilates worldwide, one of the most highly respected Pilates education programs in the world. Classic Pilates is dedicated to upholding the standard of classical Pilates by educating the next generation of teachers for the 21st century. We are proud to be the Regional Training Center for Texas and the surrounding states.

The Power Pilates curriculum provides the highest quality education and Pilates training within the industry. Uniform training standards and our Power Pilates Teaching Tools provide an essential blueprint for students to reach their full potential. These tools address the anatomical foundations, ideal and alternative movements, and specific verbal and sensory cues to provide the student with a thorough teaching foundation. From the beginning, Power Pilates has sought to create a Pilates community in the spirit of Joseph Pilates - energetic, committed and ever evolving. The founders of Power Pilates, started with a nascent group of studio instructors, have since propelled the total population of Power Pilates professionals and consumers into thousands upon thousands on a global scale. Over 10,000 Power Pilates trained graduates are now included in the global Power Pilates family. The Power Pilates Method encompasses more than 500 controlled precise movements designed to stretch and strengthen muscle without adding bulk. The exercises follow the six principles of Joseph Pilates: Cenering | Control | Concentration | Flow | Breathe | Precision